God’s fingerpaints

You might be wondering what’s going on in this crazy world….

Sometimes it appears God is absent or not paying attention. It looks like we’re on our own down here, battling it out in some brutal “survival of the fittest” game show. The truth is, God is still with us. He still has a plan…He is never absent, He is never late. “He is near to the brokenhearted and rescues those whose spirits are crushed.” God's Finger PaintingI’m not going to lie…sometimes it can be hard to imagine an all powerful and loving God could watch this mess we’re making of things. Why doesn’t He put a stop to it? Why doesn’t He come down here and make things right?

Well, that’s the plan. One day He will dry every tear and right every wrong. Remember, God did come to us a couple thousand years ago. Jesus gave us the way to true peace–peace with God. Through Him, we no longer lose heart because of the nonsense of this world. He gave us a glimpse of the promised kingdom, an eternal kingdom of perfect peace in the presence of our heavenly Father. But that day is not here yet. Tragic events remind is that this world is not as it should be. Oh, but God still gives us glimpses, doesn’t He? Like this one right here. Those are His fingerprints in the clouds. His hand is still guiding and sustaining us all.

For much of my life I thought religion was a crutch for the weak-minded and an instrument of manipulation for the power hungry. But now I know Jesus. I feel like I lived my old life with my eyes half closed, oblivious to the full picture and depth of life. It’s because of Him that I understand how to have peace in the chaos and see light on the darkness. Seek him. Know him. Find peace with him.


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