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Queluz 2012

Brazil. My life has been connected to Brazil for as long as I can remember. My earliest best friend’s mom and grandma were from there. I picked up a few words of Portuguese before I even realized it was a foreign language. Later, I had a career-shaping boss from there. He brought in some long-term interns that I developed deep friendships with. The list goes on and on. Now, beyond any of my wildest expectations, I’ve been there. Three times. I’ve helped build chapels in three different towns. Gravatai, Queluz, and Niteroi. Each experience has been indescribable. So much so that I can’t imagine not going.

But I need help. Yes, I know that God will provide a way. Just like you, I’ve heard that “where the Lord guides, He will provide.” He’s just got interesting ways to do it. Just like He uses me to share the gospel, He can work through you to send me. My pastor always says: “Everybody can pray. Many can give. Some can go.” It’s all important and it’s all needed. So here is what I’ve come up with so far…

How To Help

First, check out my first fundraising post: Send Me. I hope that you find it as exciting as I do!

Now, I’ve added a way to contribute online here. If you donate online, I’d still love to send you a few mission trip photos as a way of saying thanks. Please email me and let me know how you would like me to get them to you.

Mission Information

Our mission trip this year is to Campo Grande in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Please follow the blog for regular updates, but this page will be home base for fundraising progress.

I love stories from the field. One of my favorites is this one. Redeemed.


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