May I show you a picture?

A few pictures from the month of May…

From the Canon:

From the iPhone 6+:

From the Nexus 6:


The downtown skyscraper shots were all taken with the phone’s forward facing camera. I’ve only had the Nexus 6 for a few days. New “cameras” are always a good excuse to go shoot stuff. Dandelions, dogs, and downtown…all good subject.












Marching through April

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Green Country. Sure, there’s always a possibility of a tornado or two. Even the threat of tragedy doesn’t diminish the beauty that is found in the spring storms, sunsets colored by cold fronts, and the new life bursting forth in every blooming thing.

Here are a few shots from my March and early April.



Oh, shoot! Birds! (#31days)

Owls, falcons, and hawks!

We had a great time at the Royal Gauntlet today. I even managed to get a couple of awesome slow motion videos on my iPhone 6 Plus. Be sure to scroll through to see a few of the highlights. Much, much more coming.

For the videos, YouTube is showing them at a lower resolution by default. Crank it up to 720p. It’s pretty incredible.




Oh, shoot! The center of the universe! (#31days)

I went to the center of the universe. It was empty.IMG_6307

A few short months ago it was filled with dreamers. People with big plans and big ideas. Books to be written, companies to start, music to write, pictures to capture, days to seize, lists to live, and adventures to follow.

Today, it’s empty. They’re gone. They’re launching their dreams.

Matt is redefining rich. Melissa is having a mutiny. Randy is launching a launch lab. And the list goes on and on.

I love to think back on the time our dreams all briefly intersected right here. At the center of the universe.


Oh, Shoot! Gazing west at sunrise. (#31Days)

Today is day two of the October writing challenge. I had a plan. I thought I had the early days of this challenge licked. The sun comes up every morning, right? That means I can kick off the beginning of the challenge with an easy sunrise pic and a few words of inspiration. I’d get an easy win under my belt and be good to go.


I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder. I’ve lived in Oklahoma a long time. I really love a good, ground-shaking thunderstorm. Catching a good sunrise during a thunderstorm in impossible, though. In fact, it’s hard to catch much of anything.

The storm was on its way out of town when I rolled in to work. Although there was a faint fiery glow along the horizon, it was impossible to catch without a lot more time and equipment than I have.

But the clouds broke. Although it didn’t reveal the incredible oranges, reds, yellows, and blues we often see on autumn mornings in Oklahoma, I still couldn’t help but pause. Nature’s deep greys and purple contrasted with the dirty, faded white concrete of the old Union Station. Beauty was there. Even without the gorgeous sunrise, there was hope and inspiration to be found as the storm left us behind.

Stormy Sky


So what’s the lesson for today? Is it that you don’t always find beauty in the way you expect to? Maybe. Is it that life can still be breathtaking in the midst of darkness and storms? Possibly. But there’s more.

I turned around.

Away from the sunrise.

I found a few of the colors I had been longing for. The sun was casting its light over the clouds and reflecting back from the other side. I was gazing west at sunrise. It was incredible

The light behind me


So maybe if you find yourself stuck, seeking light or beauty or the comfort of something familiar… Maybe it’s not so far away, but in a different presentation than you expected. Maybe hope is breaking through a simple crack between the clouds. Or maybe you just need to turn around.

Where have you found hope and light today?