I missed it

IMG_6042I missed the sunset yesterday. It was beautiful. I wasn’t at one of my favorite spots. I didn’t see the vivid blue, orange, purple, and red hues bounce off the water and clouds as the sun quickly descended behind the hills.

I was at home, taking the dogs out.

I knew it was a good one. Even without seeing the source, I knew it was beautiful. Just look at those clouds, quickly captured with a smartphone while chasing dogs.

We don’t always need to see the source to see the beauty, do we? There are other signs, if we pay attention. It reminds me of the C.S. Lewis quote: “I believe in Christ as I believe that the sun has risen. Not because I see it, but because I see everything else.” IMG_6032

When it comes to God, we easily fall into the trap of demanding answers from Him. We demand that He show Himself and answer all our questions. To give us the reason for all of our hurts. When He doesn’t, we grit our teeth and let our anger boil.

Take a deep breath. Look around. There are signs everywhere. He’s speaking to us all the time, but on His terms and in His way, not ours. Even when we can’t see His face, we can see the reflection of His love and promises all around us if we take the time to pause and look for it. Our circumstances don’t reveal His nature to us, but His nature can be discovered from within our circumstances. Exhale. Inhale again.

Then back to chasing those ornery dogs.


May I show you a picture?

A few pictures from the month of May…

From the Canon:

From the iPhone 6+:

From the Nexus 6:


The downtown skyscraper shots were all taken with the phone’s forward facing camera. I’ve only had the Nexus 6 for a few days. New “cameras” are always a good excuse to go shoot stuff. Dandelions, dogs, and downtown…all good subject.











Marching through April

Spring is a beautiful time of year in Green Country. Sure, there’s always a possibility of a tornado or two. Even the threat of tragedy doesn’t diminish the beauty that is found in the spring storms, sunsets colored by cold fronts, and the new life bursting forth in every blooming thing.

Here are a few shots from my March and early April.



Oh, shoot! Looking back. (#31days)

The 31 days of pictures and words are almost complete. Relationships, events, and adventures. Serving soup, vacations, musicals, the state fair, birds of prey, a museum, road trip, the start of a semester (and degree program), a festival, and a Crowder concert. It’s amazing how much “life” can be crammed into just a few weeks.

Honestly, only a very small percentage has made it to this blog. It’s too busy unfolding. It’s tough to pause long enough to document it all.IMG_0181

I’ve got a portable drive full of photos…concerts, falcons, festivals, and corn mazes. I’ve got a head full of stories…carnies, dreamers, chaplains, professors, and hillbillies. I suspect most of these will never see the light of day. Maybe when I’m old and grey (er) I’ll look at the pictures again and try to make sense of them. Maybe then I’ll have time to look back.

For now, I’ll keep pressing forward.




Oh, shoot! Birds! (#31days)

Owls, falcons, and hawks!

We had a great time at the Royal Gauntlet today. I even managed to get a couple of awesome slow motion videos on my iPhone 6 Plus. Be sure to scroll through to see a few of the highlights. Much, much more coming.

For the videos, YouTube is showing them at a lower resolution by default. Crank it up to 720p. It’s pretty incredible.