Merry Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas from the B’s!


The highlight reel of our 2015 is unbelievable. Between the four of us, we’ve hit Europe, South America, Mexico, and the U.S.A. What a crazy year!

David and Joey embarked on a “rite of passage” trip to the United Kingdom in honor of Joey’s 16th birthday. He’s quite the young man: driving, taking college classes, and even teaching. Joey planned the entire UK trip, including Scotland, London, Dover, and sunrise at Stonehenge on the Solstice. It was the trip of a lifetime. We even ended up on Google Street View on Downing Street!

While the older boys were in Europe, Christy and Will took a cruise to Mexico. It was a laid-back trip full of sun, sea, sand, and scrumptious treats. Will planned the excursions and even convinced Christy to let him bring a friend. He’s smart, funny, handsome, persuasive, and compassionate.

David and Christy went to Brazil for the fifth ustime. This was their 5th chapel-build, with plans to return again in 2016. Each trip is a unique and beautiful experience full of miracles and adventure. These trips have been so incredible that in 2016 all four of us are planning to go! We have no idea how the $$$ will work out, but our generous friends, family, and God have always helped get us there.


There’s so much more to say… Joey is looking at colleges and dreaming about MIT. Will is falling in love with the art of writing. Christy loves impacting lives as a science teacher. David is attending seminary and was licensed by the church. He even performed a wedding. God continues to prove the depths of His love and His sense of humor!

Our holiday prayer is that your lives are rich with the fullness of life with God.


The Word: 2015

When my friends pick a word for the upcoming year, they’re very inspiring. Freedom, change, refresh, create, help, adventure. Wow. I’ll take all of those!

IMG_9200That’s not what’s hitting me this year. Usually I wrestle to find just the right word. The potential is enormous. A new year brings new possibilities. A blank canvas. This year I didn’t wrestle. One word came to me loud and clear. I’ve let it bounce around for a while and it hasn’t transformed into something more marketable. So here it is.


I know…it sounds like a weight-loss goal. Bear with me, though.

Lean – (adjective) efficient and with no waste.

Lean Household. This year is a good time to simplify. As a family, we’ve been fortunate. This has lead to a level of comfort that has started to become uncomfortable. Maybe this will be like the old “year of jubilee” and will give our house a chance to rest by purging the excess contents which also reducing the intake of new stuff.

Lean – (adjective) thin, especially healthily so

Lean Faith. It’s impossible to have too much faith. But “lean faith” doesn’t mean “less faith.” It involves stripping away the cumbersome excesses that can build up around our spiritual lives. This year will be an exploration of the essentials of my faith. And then I will cling to that with everything I have in me while letting the rest go.

Lean – (verb) cause something to rest on or against.

Lean community. This is y’all. I’m a lone wolf by nature. It’s tough to depend on others. But this year… this lean year… you’ll find me learning to lean on those I love and trust. That’s what community is for. It works the other way, too. I’m hear with an ear, a shoulder, a word, and a back. I’m ready to lend them out.

This year we’ll lean on God and each other while living life the way it was intended to be lived.